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If it’s listed here, I am a fan. Could be a thing, a band, a person…an organization, a program or a company.

Either I use it or I’m into it. It’s in my life and chances are, my family is involved and invested, too.

** I am also an ambassador Astral Hoops…they give me a small thank you (never at any cost to you) for sharing and supporting them. Even if I didn’t have an affiliate relationship with them, I would still refer business to them…they are that good!

My relationship with Astral Hoops is small, but it allows me to earn little credits towards an extra LED hoops every once in awhile, which we can all share at HoopShack events and at demonstrations where we entertain the community, like our annual Holiday Lights Parade. Having a few LED hoops on hand for my clients also helps them “try before they buy” different sizes, weights, etc…this type of hoop is an investment and it’s best to really be informed & knowledgable. I can take time helping someone shop easier, if I focus on the company I and many of my clients over the years are the most pleased with! Let me know if you need any assistance on their website or have other questions about Astral Hoops.

Both nonPareil Institute and Programming Hope are very dear, because of our autism journey with our youngest son, Kyle, and the wonderful joy the company and the movie have brought to our family.

As for the rest on this list, if you look around my blog or even my social media, chances are you’ve see me singing their praises over the years!

You may have met me at an event recently and even asked about one of these things on the list below. This is where you’ll find what you are looking for…chances are I told you to head over to my BLOG and look for things I recommend…an now,  you are in the right spot!

I’m happy to answer any questions and give you honest feedback on anything listed below. I support the following and suggest them highly!

Astral Hoops **

nonPareil Institute

Programming Hope

Innerspace Marketing

Levitt Pavillion

Mingo Fishtrap

The Zig Zag Stripe

Perfect Bar

Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Twirl Planet