The Right Hoop for You

Why is getting the right size and fit for my hoop so important?

Size matters.

HOOP size, that is…not YOUR size!

Have you ever picked up a hoop, tried to spin it on your waist, and it immediately falls to the ground? The number one thing that makes hooping easier is having a bigger, slightly weighted hoop. To be successful, your new hoop must be the correct dimensions and weight for YOU, not the “average” person. That hoop is YOUR body’s partner in better health…it’s personal. You need a hoop that feels like HOME and helps you.

People Come in All Sizes
Your Custom Hoop is Built for YOU!

You were not made from a mold in a factory. You are unique. Your hoop should be original, like you. It should be special, specifically made FOR you and no one else.

That’s where I come in.

When you consult with me, I gain knowledge about your body shape and this helps me “fit” you in the right hoop, but I also need to know your story. What YOU are doing NOW in this life, what DID you do in the past, back in the day…all these things tell me a lot about WHAT’S on the inside, what makes you tick and what gets you jazzed. All that has a lot to do with your hooping journey and who I see can come OUT from inside that hoop! Hooping takes us back to a time when we had no worries. Once you get just a few basic moves going successfully, the hoop size won’t matter at all!

It also has to do with physics, too. Small hoops spin fast, so you’ll have to work hard to keep pushing it as it spins on your body. Large hoops spin slower, allowing for more time between the pushes, giving you an advantage!

If you want to hoop on your waist, generally, the older you are, the bigger the hoop should be. Lighter, smaller hoops are best for “off-body” moves, stretching, but experienced clients who have been practicing how to control lighter, smaller hoops do enjoy the challenge. As you gain more experience hooping, hoop size begins to be determined by what you enjoy the most and what results you are after. If you are on a weight loss journey and have a bit of a tummy, no matter WHAT age you are, a bigger hoop for on-body hooping is essential for the beginner. I also recommend a smaller hoop for extra off-body moves, adding more variety to tone the arms and increasing your cardio level.

What Happy Clients are Saying
About their aRoundJoy Hoops

Twist-n-gO™ Hoops


The Twist-n-gO™ version is made to easily fold down so you can travel anywhere with your hoop!

Twist-n-gO™ hoops can be shipping nationally (US) or picked up locally in person. I've had clients take their Twist-n-gO™ hoop all over the world; aRoundJoy hoops have seen many miles by plane, boat, bus and train! They are a fabulous vacation buddy!

Standard hoops fit fine in the average size vehicle, but if you have a compact car, consider a Twist-n-gO™ hoop for minimum space occupancy and maximum fun!

It's not uncommon to own a hoop for your daily practice, plus a slightly smaller Twist-n-gO™ for those times when you need to take your play far away; it's even easier to pack and carry this way! aRoundJoy "custom design" means you get to create the hoop based on your specific needs, which includes not only your body, but also how much room you have in your luggage or carry on!

Standard Hoops


If you are local in the Arlington, Texas area, you've got the option of purchasing a Standard Hoop or a Twist-n-gO™ Hoop.

Standard Hoops are a full, solid circle. Think of a traditional hula hoop, only bigger and heavier, sized just for you and your body.

This solid Standard Hoop is fine for car travel around town and road trips, as long as you have the space allowance in your vehicle.


To Bling or Not to Bling

Three Tape Styles to Choose From


Three awesome tape styles, 18 metallic shine tapes and 17 cloth tapes to choose from means thousands of color combinations!

No one will have your exact hoop--it's fully customized to your tastes.

What about a simple hoop with just one color of tape?


Maybe you just want a plain hoop. One color tape. No bling. Nothing special. Easy.

YES!! I now offer THAT kind of hoop, too! All you have to do is pick the one color that you want!

In fact, I only package my BASIC Hoop exclusively with my online training, at a deep discount...that's right, learning and savings all in one!

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