Tips Before Buying An LED Hoop

Each year, as I go out into the community to outdoor music shows and other events, I bring my LED hoop. Of course people see it and ask questions. More questions also come after my clients and I walk in our annual Holiday Lights Parade. So, for any of you out there wondering about these bright, shining colorful rings joy, here some tips before buying an LED hoop.

After you read them, be sure to look at the videos below, as well. I offer practice information and some demonstration. I filmed these “live” just now and last year on my Facebook page and there’s some key advice that you’ll find enjoyable and most helpful.

Along with learning MORE details of these key points and seeing the hoops in action, you’ll hear me suggest some of the following tips…

  • Make sure you know HOW to use a hoop, esp. a lighter, smaller one, before purchasing an LED hoop. They are not the ideal size or weight for beginners, who are learning waist hooping.
  • By HOW to use a hoop, I mean, doing “off body” moves, safely & correctly…those moves create the pretty effects you are used to seeing; spinning the hoop in your hands.
  • You shop online for LED hoops; lots of options out there. Be prepared to spend approx. $59-$699 depending on style, etc.
  • You can find less expensive options, of course, but buyer beware and BE AWARE before just buying one. DO YOUR RESEARCH and ask others who have had experience owning/ordering them.
  • LED hoops are not for “practicing” your hooping or toys for little kids. Get one to reward yourself for getting better with your hooping skills (if you are learning) or to encourage yourself to pick up your hoop a little more often (if you already hoop, but need a boost).
*NOTE: The first video was just posted today on my Facebook page, so it’s recent and up-to-date. Watch it first. The other two videos were posted over a year ago, so video quality/sound is not as good as today and the information about companies is not not current. (ie: ZenHoop is no longer in business; to actually hear me in the second video, fast-forward to about 1:00)

My Favorite LED

As you heard me discuss in these videos, I’m an affiliate ambassador for a company that makes a high-quality LED smart-hoop, Astral Hoops. I have plenty of experience ordering online from them, as well as other companies, and I do own LED hoops from several companies, too. I’m the most pleased with Astral, so I choose to recommend them.

Keep in mind, other companies also make lower price-point hoops that are perfectly fine. My preference is the smooth-balanced feel & the ease of operation in a higher-end hoop. I have other LED hoops that are less expensive and too clunky for my liking. To the contrary, I also have others that are more expensive and too complicated to work with ease. I feel my Astral Atomic Evoke is just the right combination. Easy to operate, well made, with a smooth and balanced feel while hooping.

The Learning Curve

There’s a learning curve to LED hooping, just like there’s a learning curve in hooping itself. I prefer to not make it more difficult by using a hoop that doesn’t fit my needs or feel right. Lots of time you end up spending more money by buying a 2nd LED hoop to replace the 1st one you were not too happy with, so it really pays to shop smart and consider things before purchasing. Things like size and weight of the tubing can make a huge difference, so talking to someone will help you in the research, in case you don’t know what to look for.

Lastly, when it comes to hooping, I teach my clients simple, basic moves in my aRoundJoy BASICS videos, and emphasize key principals in my teachings, so that when/if they choose to get an LED hoop, they are prepared to understand how to use one. This is the benefit of having an instructor to mentor you along the way.

Have you been wanting to get an LED hoop? What are your questions and concerns? I’d love to know and I can sure try to give you some other advice if you comment below.


This weekend, aRoundJoy at The HoopShack celebrates it’s 8th anniversary…and through the years, there have been many changes. Let’s take a look back…a HoopShack FLASHBACK…

How It All Started

Originally, I taught hoop classes at a local warehouse in 2009. It all started small, but with a lot of love and passion. For about 3 months before opening and well into 2010, my clients and I were out hooping a lot in the community. Getting the word out about what hooping was, where they could come join us. We went to many places, events and venues, busy some months almost every weekend. I was teaching, on the go with my hoops at events and even training new instructors.

Such fun, but looking back now, I remember, things were out-of-balance. You need only look at the video below…I was quite thin back then, because I was hooping all day, busy opening a new business filled with cardio, toning, joy and promoting ALL that at the same time. I was eating anything I wanted, but burning it all off, and then some. Win-win…right??

That speaks volumes about how POWERFUL hooping is for a shapely figure. Look at my body! I remember…I was doing it everyday, for hours…ALL.THE.TIME. I do remember getting sick more frequently, though, because I would push through, when I really shouldn’t have. Hooping is SO fun, it’s just hard to say no sometimes. Plus, I wanted to take every chance I could to share about my new business! It did catch up with me, though. I got migraines that developed into a really bad case of vertigo by late 2010 and was hospitalized.

Lesson learned.

How (& Why) Things Changed

From that point, I did a better job choosing how to manage things, learned what I should and should not do, and how to keep things in balance, for my health’s sake. As the years went by, I also learned that more private instruction, with individuals or smaller groups, was the best way to train clients safely. It was also beneficial for me, allowing a pace that I could better serve clients, while keeping my energy, health and wellness in check. I’m now also older and wiser…funny how with age, comes wisdom…right?!?

In 2014, we sized down to a smaller office location. A year later, we sized down even more, to the guest house, with in-home private studio sessions and online training videos that you see offered today. Technology has changed the game for all of us!

How We Do It Today

Now, with my HoopShack-to-gO aRoundJoy BASICS training videos, I can teach you and you can learn from me, no matter where you live. I can do virtual private online training 1-on-1 or small group, via meeting software, Facebook “live” in my private group or individual private messenger chat and FaceTime. I still offer in-person private trainings, also small group events at various venues, by request, including the occasional parties/retreats at my home or the homes of my clients, friends and family. The aRoundJoy “community” aspect is still a big part of The HoopShack, and always will be.

You’ll see more events partnering with local businesses in 2018. Actually we’re kicking off with one while celebrating our 8th Anniversary this weekend at Legal Draft Beer Co. If all goes well, we’ll take The HoopShack out into Arlington more, get a monthly beginners class going there and a few other places…where we can meet up, I can teach you and we can all enjoy fun fellowship more often.

Thankful For It All

It’s been a wonderful journey these last 8 years. What a trip down memory lane this has been! Shout out to all my wonderful clients, family and friends for being so supportive and loving. Let’s keep on hooping…I’ll be 58 in a couple of months and don’t plan on putting down my hoop at all!

*I want to also say a special thank you to Tracy Kornet for helping to kickstart The HoopShack with that wonderful news story featured in the video above. You rock, girl!


Happy Watermelon Day!

Well, HOW perfect! I had this post in “draft mode” all about a fun way to cut a watermelon! Little did I know that Watermelon Day was TODAY! SO, let me share some Watermelon JOY!

I have documented my melon slicing success before, too! You can see this in the *videos below…another tip is that once I’m done, I place all the cut watermelon in 2-3 gallon sized Ziplock freezer bags (thicker, stronger) and it keeps nicely for almost a week!




Now,  THAT’s some ROUND joy, wouldn’t you say?!

*If you have not already seen my helpful videos, be sure to check them out below…it’s a super cool way to cut a watermelon! Both of these videos were done last summer on my Facebook page…some other motivation and tips are in the second video down there, too…I always love to encourage y’all! Just watch…you’ll see what I mean!

Enjoy & have fun!


Father’s Day Is Truly A Joy










If you’ve known me or even followed me for awhile, you’ll remember that my daddy passed away when I was just 21 years old. You’d think today would be a little sad for me, but thankfully, that’s not the case. I remember so much love from father…and thanks to my husband, I get to witness daily a shining example of a loving provider and father right before my eyes. So, Father’s Day is truly a joy for me…and here’s a few reasons why…

My Memories

As far back as I can remember, I was loved by my daddy. He was proud of me and he told me so. He smiled when I entered a room…his eyes lit up…he greeted me with hugs and kisses. If I was asleep, he ALWAYS came into my room & gave me a goodnight kiss. I would wake up just a little, enough for me to be aware of his smell, even to this day. His leather jacket & cologne…even musty smells from his smoking habit…I relish every single, precious memory.

I think perhaps the memory I am most grateful for is being home from college the day he passed away. Actually, I consider it a gift. That day, I saw him before going out shopping with my momma. He kissed me goodbye and told me he loved me. Later that night, I would find him asleep in his chair. Yes, I did. No one else did. Just me.

Yes, that’s a special memory. I was not even suppose to be home that day…but I was. There was a reason for me to be there, God put me there. God gave me that special gift. He showed me that HE’S got my back and will always put me where I need to be. From that day, I have never questioned why something is happening or where I am led…I just go with what or who I am drawn to. There’s a purpose for every experience. I’ll be talking more about that in future posts, but let me just make it clear…I got all THAT on the day my daddy died.

That is a big lesson to learn early in life. I know it helped shape me. I would have missed so much had I not decided to go home on that one day. How can I not be grateful for that? I think about it almost daily and celebrate it every single chance I get…especially on holidays like this one!



My Man

When I was 22 years old, I went on a “first date” with the man I would marry two years later. We have been married for 33 years…he’s a loving, hard working husband and father. Without him, there would be far, far less joy in my life. Just as God put me where I needed to be the day my daddy died, He also put this man into my path and allowed us to meet, fall in love and get married. Celebrating him daily is not enough, so going on a little extra on holidays like today seems only fair!


My Mission

I am all about joy. I know God put me here to share joy, using my talents.

My father raised me around love and joy. He made sure I was involved in dance, and other activities that made me happy. That molded me into who I am today, doing what I do, loving movement and encouraging others to get up and move.

My husband helps me so much…believing in me…providing financial support…technology support…plus, all the physical labor that keeps aRoundJoy possible, from hauling hoops to events, to all the work he’s done to create my studio locations over the last 8 years. I am so blessed and need to tell you so much more. Again, in future posts I will be sharing lots more of our story.

So you see, without my daddy or my husband, there would not be aRoundJoy. It’s the truth. aRoundJoy has deep roots far beyond what you see…the vehicle I simply ended up with was a hoop, but my real joy and passion comes from my family. Thanks to them, I can keep providing an experience towards physical and emotional wellness through the joy of hooping…and I will continue to share more life experiences here with you, all with my hoop in hand!

Today, on Father’s Day, I simply thank God and celebrate these special men in my life!

Hooping Warm Up and Stretch PREVIEW

Preparing your body for hooping is very important and should not be overlooked. So, to give you a little insight on how I approach this, here’s a little hooping warm up & stretch preview…I call it “HoopRelax”…it’s a part of my online aRoundJoy BASICS Hoop Training Vault.

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I look forward to helping you! Happy Hooping!