The Right Hoop Training for You

Why choose private hoop instruction instead of a group class?

Have you ever been in a class where everyone else seemed to be getting what the teacher was saying, but you felt confused? As much as you tried to keep up, the teacher seemed to be rolling along and everyone was asking questions, getting answers…but you missed the whole concept and left scratching your head.

What about a group exercise class? Have you ever felt totally lost during an aerobic dance or movement class at your local fitness center? Did you look around and see bodies all moving in sync while you struggled with the steps and combinations? The instructors try to make you feel better, shouting about how if you are at least moving, you are STILL getting exercise! That IS true…and you shouldn’t have to look like anyone else…but still, with all the others in the room rocking out, you feel uncomfortable since you can’t keep up with the pace. It’s not as much fun when you feel out of step.

Now, that’s not to say that my HOOP CLASSES are the like that! They are tons of FUN as you can imagine! However, too many students in a class can be a bit overwhelming. So I offer only exclusive, smaller group classes to avoid all that. In fact, sometimes it helps to go even smaller. For those that want extra attention and a more customized experience, addressing individual needs and goals, it’s the best option. Here’s why…

Hoop Instruction 101
Everyone Learns Hooping at Their Own Pace

Imagine a group of adults, all various ages and sizes trying to learn how to hoop as beginners…some will be unable to get past barely holding it, because they literally never have hooped at all, even as a kid. Others already can do tricks because they never lost the ability they had as a child…they have some natural “circus” gene. Then, some people can’t keep the hoop from falling to the ground…but the majority fall somewhere in the middle, able to do a few things, but it just takes time and patience. The point is, no one is at the same skill level.

Now, think about trying to listen to the instructor while various hoops are spinning in all directions and dropping on the floor loudly…it is very hard to concentrate, from a student standpoint and also from an instructor’s point of view, as well. TRUST ME. I have taught hundreds of students this way and I do feel that I gave less of myself, at times, because the student-to-teacher ratio was too high.

Hoop class flows better when all the students are familiar with some general hoop moves and skills. That's why I offer private training for those just getting started and exclusive smaller group training sessions, as well, for beginners and those who are still getting the basics down.

Getting valuable feedback from the instructor in-person helps you correct and improve, as needed. You benefit most from such teacher guidance; someone physically pointing out a place on your arm or hand, for example, standing right next to you, can help you “get it” much easier!

Any form of hoop instruction should always advance your knowledge, by helping you become better with your skills, but also by teaching you proper safety. Hooping incorrectly can cause injury to the body…but hooping, done correctly, should not hurt you…injury is so easy to avoid if you take time to study appropriate methods.

I Know Hooping

The best way to learn hooping is through a more personal and unique approach, a totally private experience…and it’s the best way I teach my new aRoundJoy clients. I also offer smaller group classes seasonally to help make it affordable to more of you.

It is my strong belief that bigger classes are only best for those who already know the basics of hooping, but to really learn and understand as a beginner, you need more individualized attention, addressing what YOU really need.

Not every individual needs to learn the exact same moves, at the exact same time. In fact, some people don't even need to learn how to waist hoop…EVER. That is why I have chosen to teach my clients in this format exclusively. I can meet you where YOU are. The hoop meets you where you are, too. It’s very versatile and helpful to your body.

Small group classes help you get started. Private training helps you stay more accountable, practicing and doing your homework, so to speak, between our sessions.

I also am able to help you get a great start at developing a real hoop practice routine, spending extra time with you personally, working on YOUR specific goals, something I was never able to do very well in a class with several people trying to listen, learn and hoop all at the same time. Since changing to this format last summer, it's been so wonderful to see ALL the "light bulbs" shining brightly as clients make progress in our weekly trainings! I'm proud to be able to offer this service in a new, comfortable studio setting year-round at The HoopShack in Arlington, Texas.


After some training and practice is under your belt, you are encouraged to attend any other group events or sessions offered at The HoopShack. These type of group practice sessions are held every so often as a bonus for my clients. Sometimes we'll even meet at a park, someone's home or another event out in the community throughout the year.

Seasonally, I try to offer special instructional classes, retreats and workshops just for my clients, based on special requests I receive. There will always be opportunities to get involved and meet others who are learning just like you. No matter where you are in the aRoundJoy curriculum, it doesn't matter to us. You will always be welcome from DAY ONE! You will feel more motivated as you meet others at the group gatherings...your practice determines your success and playing with others is a great way to get in some extra hoop time!

If your goal is simply to learn how to get an amazing workout with a hoop at home “on your own time,” then I can get you there within 2-3 sessions. If you want to go further, I can do that, too; we decide together…you are in the driver’s seat and I offer very custom designed training sessions…from hoop skills, drills, choreography…to just a simple daily workout that involves stretching and no/low impact movement.

You decide.

You also can decide whether you want a small group class, some "1 on 1" time with me or if you'd like to include friend or family member in your session. Choose whether you want to book just one session, or purchase multiple sessions at a discount, in both short term and long term arrangements. We will schedule these sessions at a mutually convenient time. I have a fairly flexible schedule and access to a climate controlled studio that’s only used solely for my hoop training sessions!

I can’t wait to begin working with you! You’ve been sitting on the fence about learning to hoop for a little while…now is THE time to just step into joy! You want to GET MOVING and have FUN, right? There’s nothing to lose except inches and calories.

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