Want to Get Moving in a Fun Way?

The NEW YEAR is here…and the same ‘ol issue is too, right!?

You want to get moving, start a healthy activity, feel like you are making some progress…but you don’t really want to “exercise” and least of all, head to the gym.

You need something low impact, that gets your heart pumping and will be really fun, so you’ll actually WANT to do it. You’re most likely tired of being in pain due to inactivity. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds over the holidays, too…so all this is swirling in your head at the same time you’re thinking of positive resolutions.

WHAT can you do?

Good news! I’ve got you covered with Hoop Classes!

aRoundJoy BASICS Beginner Class

aRoundJoy BASICS Skills & Drills Workshop

Sunday afternoon sessions in January & February 2018

January Series: 14th, *21st & 28th

February Series: 11th, *18th & 25th

Beginner Classes, 3 – 4pm *except 2 – 4pm 1/21 & 2/18 only 

Skills & Drills Workshop, 2 – 4 pm *1/21 & 2/18 only

⇒Pre-Registration & Pre-Payment required. Space is limited. Only 9 spots available per day. You must RSVP & purchase a spot prior to class or workshop.

Classes held at Everdance Studio
5930 W Interstate 20, Suite 250
Arlington, TX 76017

Everdance Studio

Choose a Single Class or get even more BONUS perks with a Monthly Class Series!

THAT’S right! You get lots MORE when you come to more classes! What a DEAL!

With the 2 Class Series, you REALLY get a total of 3 sessions per month. Yeppers! I’m giving you the 3rd – a 2 hour WORKSHOP – as a gift.

What?!? Just an added BONUS in case you have to miss one of the other classes; you can EVEN come to all three, as well, for maximum benefit, results & value.

There’s an EXTRA BONUS for EVERYONE, too.

EITHER CLASS option – Single or the Series – ALSO INCLUDES access to the aRoundJoy BASICS Hoop Training Vault – 40 comprehensive instructional videos and helpful at-home study documents. A $37 value all by itself.

You’ll have extra online support from Geri long after your class end and it’s FREE…FOREVER!

Here’s all the details…


BEGINNER Classes are ideal for…wait for it…TOTAL beginners! NO EXPERIENCE is needed! Completely NEW clients just starting out are also welcome to attend Skills & Drills Workshops, where the more “seasoned” clients participate, too. You’ll get loads of inspiration and encouragement in either type of session.


ALL classes are perfect for those with aRoundJoy experience, too…those who want a refresher and/or on-going group training…you honestly know where you are at with your hoop practice and what you need, so sign up accordingly.


Practice hoops provided for 1st class or workshop, as needed. After that, hoops will be available for purchase – they can be custom ordered online or after class. You can even purchase it online now with your class/workshop…then wait until your session to get sized correctly. *Just a tip! If you upgrade your Hoop Training Vault membership to the INNER CIRCLE, you always save $10 on future purchases, too!


BEGINNER Class covers the aRoundJoy BASICS curriculum in a group setting, in-person and in-studio. Learn fundamental moves and concepts, warm up & stretch; instruction, practice, troubleshooting, repetition, drills and some Q & A during class.


SKILLS & DRILLS Workshop covers ALL of the beginner/intermediate moves/concepts, but expands on them – offering more intensity builders, footwork & arm work, to make your hoop practice develop into hoopdance; more Q & A, discussion, deeper instruction, extra practice, troubleshooting, repetition & drills. Beginner participants are encouraged to join – extra time to watch, listen and learn when not “on the floor” hooping…plenty of time for motivating fellowship between participants of varying ages and skill levels! 

How much for all this, you ask? Well…

2 Class Series + the extra WORKSHOP & the *BONUS perk – 40 videos & printable study docs!

Just $67

*Includes aRoundJoy BASICS Hoop Training Vault…FREE…FOREVER!


 aRoundJoy BASICS Skills & Drills

Be sure to head over to my aRoundJoy Facebook EVENTS to check availability & RSVP “going” on the date(s) that you will attend.

*If you’re not on Facebook,  CONTACT me and let me know the date(s) that you will attend.

I can’t wait to begin working with you! You’ve been sitting on the fence about learning to hoop for a little while…now is THE time to just step into joy! You want to GET MOVING and have FUN, right? There’s nothing to lose except inches and calories.

What Happy Clients are Saying
About Training with aRoundJoy

“What a BLAST!!! I would have never considered myself a hooper until now. Working out with a big smiling face. Thanks for letting me play Geri. Your energy and lightheartedness is inspiring. Thank you!”


“Geri really knows hooping! Her boundless energy and dedication to teaching anyone to hoop is inspiring. Sign up…you won’t regret it. It’s a great workout that you SMILE all the way through.”


“Went to Geri a couple of weeks ago for Hooping. She is a great teacher, great personality and I felt very comfortable considering I have little to no experience. Can’t wait to get better!”