Size matters. HOOP size, that is…NOT your size! So, to make things easier, today I want to help you understand what you need to know about hoop size.

In WAIST hooping, both the size and weight of the hoop make a huge difference. I can’t tell you the number of clients who come to me with hoops they purchased online, in person from another individual, or even at a retail store (GASP! Buyers BEWARE! New post coming about THAT!), only to discover they do not have the proper hoop for their body shape & size, much less their fitness level.

As a general rule, the older you are, the bigger the hoop. Small hoops spin fast, so you’ll have to work hard to keep pushing it. Large hoops spin slower, allowing for more time between the pushes, giving you an advantage! Beginner, adult-sized hoops should weigh just under 2 lbs, preferably about 1.5 lbs. Lighter, smaller hoops are good for “off-body” moves, stretching, and experienced clients who have been practicing how to control lighter, smaller hoops. If you are on a weight loss journey and have a bit of a tummy, no matter WHAT age you are, a bigger hoop for on-body hooping is essential. I also recommend a smaller one for off-body moves.


When folks understand that bigger hoops are easier, I see the “light bulb” go off time after time for new clients who were struggling with trying to get that hoop spinning on the body. It’s like the bigger hoop is a pair of glasses to help everyone SEE their abilities and the hoop’s possibilities much more clearly! A few simple instructions later, they are smiling and getting that heart pumping. Hooping takes a lot of endurance, to be sure, but it doesn’t have to be difficult at first. Your level of strength and skill can be built over time, as with any other activity in life. WE ARE NEVER PERFECT, but as long as you are improving along the way, THAT is success! Everyone hoops “their own way” and to the best of their ability. Are you up, off the couch? THEN THAT’S THE FIRST STEP!


Knowing your body shape helps me “fit” you in the right hoop, but I also need to know your story, what YOU are doing NOW in this life, what DID you do in the past, back in the day…all these things tell me a lot about WHAT’S on the inside, what makes you tick and what gets you jazzed. All that has a lot to do with your hooping journey and who I see can come OUT from inside that hoop! Hooping takes us back to a time when we had no worries. Once you get just a few basic moves going successfully, the hoop size won’t matter at all!

Never stress over what size hoop you must use to help you achieve your own personal hooping improvement and goals. YES, setting little goals it how we learn…each new move mastered is another goal reached! Over time, you’ll notice a desire to perhaps “size down” your hoop…simultaneously; you may have personally “sized down” a few pounds and inches, yourself!

Did you notice I mentioned Hoopwalking™ in my video? THAT is something else I will tell you MORE about in coming posts and videos! It’s a wonderful way to build stamina and increase your cardio without waist hooping, which will help you be much stronger, allowing you to practice longer and put even more effort into waist hooping, too!