Woo-Hoop!™ hOOpJam Practice Sessions

Stay tuned for details on Facebook

Woo-Hoop!™ hOOpJam Session

A few times a year, these seasonal, small group sessions / PRACTICE times are for my existing clients…

1-2 hour blocks of time offered from time to time during the year.

$10-20 cash at the door (occasionally longer, extra practice times &/or special content may vary)

        You will get more info on these via email invite & private Facebook EVENTS after each specific session is scheduled.



Woo-Hoop!™ Community hOOpJam  & hOOpWalk™

Sometimes my clients and I take hooping out into the community!

We might do a hOOpWalk™ hOOpJam…at a local park…a great cardiO activity option…no waist hooping required!!!

Anyone stopping by these FREE events can visit with me to find out what aRoundJoy hooping is all about.

If you’d like a business card or details about getting started, just stop by and meet me that day. You’ll be able to try out a hoop there, as well…so don’t be shy!

Watch for each specific event on my aRoundJoy Facebook page, under the EVENTS tab. These will also be promoted on my Instagram & Twitter, so follow me on social media and you won’t miss anything that’s upcoming.