Woo-Hoop!™ hOOpJam

These seasonal, open PRACTICE TIMES are for my existing clients and will be listed on The HoopShack™ calendar.

1-2 hour blocks of time offered from time to time during the year.

$10-20 cash at the door (occasional longer practice times & special content may vary)

RESERVATIONS are currently required for ANY scheduled “hOOpJam” session…just to plan for spacing…

Clients are requested to please call, text or notify me HERE at least 3 hours prior to practice and inform me that you will be coming…

*cash fee paid in person for each session you choose to attend; no pre-payment required

Day(s)/Time(s): TBA (see CALENDAR)


hOOpWalk™ hOOpJam and Community hOOpJam

This is when I take hooping out into the community!

Stay tuned for details on the CALENDAR or on Twitter & Facebook.

* also, NEW hOOpWalk™ hOOpJam is a great cardiO activity option…no waist hooping required!!!

Anyone stopping by these FREE events can visit with me to find out what aRoundJoy hooping is all about.

If you’d like a business card or details about getting started, just stop by and meet me. You’ll be able to try out a hoop there, as well…so don’t be shy!