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Shop ‘Til Ya Drop!

Yippee! After much anticipation, the NEW STORE is open online! Now you can SHOP, design and purchase the hoop of your dreams, and pay for hoop training sessions.  Check it out!

aRoundJoy Technology Tips


I’m going to step away from the hoop and speak about TECHNOLOGY?? Whoa!

You’re probably thinking, “Where is Geri and who is the POD-person alien talking about NOTHING related to hooping??”

Now, now…calm down. What I am about to tell you has everything to do with hooping. It’s going to help you connect with me more easily on the dub-a-ya, dub-a-ya, dub-a-ya! You know, where you are reading THIS right NOW…the WWW…the Internet…and if you don’t know what THAT is, don’t worry…just stick to hooping and try to follow some of my easy tech tips below!

I have three new videos that will help you navigate through my website, my social media pages and a little press opportunity that will be on newsstands soon (ok, not REAL newsstands, but VIRTUAL ones…the ones on the iPad…remember, I am talking about technology)!

So, sit back and enjoy…and learn a little something…I’m jus’sayin…






As seen on WFAA CH 8 News!


Today at 5pm, you can see all about our HULA HOOP CRAZE!

We were interviewed last week and some of my amazing students were there! I can’t thank them enough for their willingness to help share what we love with many viewers across North Texas!

Hooping has been getting LOTS of buzz lately….AND RIGHTFULLY SO! It’s amazingly effective at burning calories, toning up the body and relieving stress, all while playing and treating your joints kindly! Get fit, lose weight, make friends and laugh! YES!!

Visit the WFAA website for the complete story!


Good Morning America, God Bless America

Sure is funny how things come “full circle”…what with hooping being seen on TV earlier this week and all…

If it wasn’t for hoop fitness being featured on Good Morning America back in 2007, I would not be a hoop instructor or even sitting here writing this blog!
RaynaNmeSeeing a beautiful hoop exercise option on television IS, after all, where my hoop journey started. The fact that we just happened to be heading to Los Angeles a couple of weeks after seeing the spot on GMA was a great opportunity and I couldn’t pass up the chance to go take a lesson IN PERSON with THE woman I saw hooping on my TV!  I keep this picture on the door of my office as a reminder of my very first lesson at a studio in California…my beginnings with a hoop happened so much by accident. I wasn’t looking for the hoop…it just found me one day, randomly, as I watched my morning dose of morning news.

Fast forward to 2013…I’ve been teaching hoop fitness since 2009 and they were featured again on Good Morning America earlier this week! That’s great exposure for hoop instructors like me, sharing the benefits of hooping in cities and towns across America. I can’t help but think of ALL those individuals who just happened to be watching GMA on Monday morning and think about how THEY are simply where I was about 6 years ago! Like I said, I just feel like things have come “full circle” and I have this little smile on my face…plus, I’m feeling just a tad nostalgic and I can’t help it…

At the same time, I am feeling very proud! For those of you who were not aware, I was part of the entertainment at SMU during the Block Party after the Dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. It was an honor and a very interesting job, to say the least!

BlockPartyME.2.2013-26I can’t imagine where I’d be or what I’d be doing if I never saw hoop fitness on television…and I know with all my heart it changed my life. I just hooped at a high profile, historic national event! I could have totally missed seeing that segment 6 years ago and missed seeing hooping on GMA, but I turned my TV on at the exact moment the story was starting! I am sure the exact thing happened to many people this week on Monday…and again, that makes me smile…how many more lives will change after seeing the hoop for the first time this week? I actually think about that each time I meet someone new and share hooping with them. It’s a beautiful thing to anticipate and watch happen, I tell you!

I love helping those of you out there who think they can’t hoop. You might think you are too old, or too big, or not coordinated…or you could never do it as a child…or you have too much pain in your back or shoulder. CONTACT ME  if this sounds like you. Hooping is NOT only all about spinning the hoop on your waist. There are many ways to use the hoop no matter your age, size or gender. The average age of my student roster is about 57, and many come start hooping in their 60’s…and this year, I have more men than ever before! In fact, I have noticed a trend in my hoop clients…they are becoming more generational, allowing even adult family members a new way to connect and experience quality time together, being active!

If ever there was a time to get started hooping, it is NOW! It’s more accessible than ever before and there are willing teachers ready to assist. I offer private individual or small group sessions at The HoopShack, make custom hoops and sell hoop related merchandise, including t-shirts and a few limited DVDs. I have other options coming this year for those who don’t live close to The HoopShack, but would like to work with me personally, so please sign up for my EMAIL UPDATES to stay informed!  Just complete the box over to the right of your screen at the top of this post!

Just because it’s being touted as something that’s the latest weight loss craze in Hollywood, it’s not a flash in the pan or fad. Using a hoop, properly, after getting some solid instruction, WORKS! If you eat smaller portions, cut out as many processed sugars as you can from your diet, and even take a few carbs out of your diet, even better! Getting up and moving needs to happen first, I feel. Just allow yourself to have fun! Enjoy what  you are doing! Then, dip your toe into making one food change at a time. THAT is how you loose weight. Moving and burn calories. Hooping ONLY will not allow you to lose an extreme amount of weight. Hooping WILL help motivate you to move, and when you see results from something SO fun,  you want to stay focused  in the right direction! You can ask any one of my students here in our neck of the woods, or even hoop enthusiasts in middle America…hooping is here to STAY, y’all…firming, toning, cardio that makes you WANT to keep playing…it’s very addicting…it’s a social THING! It’s recess for grown ups! THAT is what hooping is!

Focus on what you’ll GAIN from hooping…that’s what I did and I encourage my students to do the same! Keep it POSITIVE…focusing on LOSS puts some negative ju-ju in there right from the start, that I’d prefer not to think about! FUN movement and something special just for yourself…practicing something you REALLY want to get better at! I wanted to master moves, so I did it a few minutes each day. NOT to LOSE weight, but to GAIN a NEW SKILL!  As a side benefit, I dropped about 15 pounds, several inches and have been able to keep it off…and ultimately, it changed my body and my life. I really didn’t even think about wanting sculpted arms, but by the way, I got those, too.

TRUTH IS, hooping is SO transformational, good for not only the body, but the mind! If you want to learn more about ALL that, please consider coming to my event this Saturday, The Hooping Life Movie Screening, at The HoopShack. You’ll see the stories of several hoopers…it’s amazing. Read more about the screening I hosted last year HERE and you’ll understand more about why I had to show it again to allow more to see this movie.

What you didn’t see on Good Morning America, you’ll see in this film. It’s perhaps even more important than simply the fitness aspects of hooping…





Put your JOY in a JAR

Here’s a WONDERFUL idea to help make you aware of all the good things &  JOY aRound you this coming year…

Starting with an EMPTY JAR…fill it in 2013 with all of the good things that will happen during the year. On New Year’s Eve next year, open it and see all of the AMAZING things for which you are truly grateful.

My sister added a twist…pre-cut some slips of paper (25 or so to start), 1″x4″, hole punch each one and tie them on the jar rim with a ribbon and pretty bow. Then, when ready to use, just rip off a slip and Wha-La! Write, fold and place in jar! There ya’ go!

Winter News:

We’ll be taking a break for the first part of January…behind the scenes, things will be taking place, however, getting our new space ready for classes, which resume January 19th. While inclement weather might be threatening this winter, please continue to register for all classes, just in case we have to cancel and reschedule. There are already students registered for January classes, so please get online and sign up now to join them. There could be a couple of special events coming up this winter, as well, such as  hoopJams, an open house and/or a workshop, so be on the look out for those in the coming weeks. During this time, we will also make more improvements to our location while continuing our regular schedule of classes. When the climate begins to warm up, by late February and early March, the work should be complete, and we can have some official kick-off  events to welcome our larger hooping space with a Grand RE-Opening,  some new class offerings and more!  I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at The HoopShack in 2013!  

Hooping IS a very good thing! I guarantee you, when you allow yourself to take part in it, you will be filling out a few slips of paper for your JAR of JOY! Trust me on this!

Happy New Year! May your jar be overflowing!