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You can feel Christmas ALL YEAR on the HOOPER EXPRESS! That’s right!

Hooping makes me feel like it’s Christmas each and every day! I can’t hold back any longer. A realization came to me yesterday that explains so much. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on…but then, it came to me.

It’s the Christmas season and I can feel it in the air. There’s no denying it. For some reason, however, it feels a little too familiar to me this year, like I can’t really understand what all the fuss is about. This IS just NORMAL to me…THEN…it hit me.

It’s the HOOP!

Hooping makes me feel like it’s Christmas each and every day! The spirit of Christmas is alive all year for me and it has been since I started teaching hoopdance in 2009. I suppose this feeling has been building over the last few years, but it wasn’t until the other day that it hit me profoundly. Here’s how I see it…and I hope you’re in cozy, warm pajamas while reading this, too!


  1. Joy – I have the opportunity to share joy with people every day through hooping. Whether it’s through teaching them or performing for them, they smile. I smile. It’s joyous.
  2. Peace – Hooping offers me a place of soft comfort and I can share this with others, too. As wonderful as hooping is for my physical body, endurance and strength,  I teach everyone how the hoop can also be their refuge, their big, warm blanket of calm when they need a place to run to. It’s transformational and a method for restorative peace.
  3. Giving – Here’s where I really had the light-bulb moment! I finally realize that I give gifts to everyone I meet via the hoop! Friendship, concern, care, time, new skills, laughter…and more. To give myself open & honestly each day feels amazing. My heart is so full. The more I give, I get more grateful for the feelings it brings me. It’s my own personal fulfillment circle-of-giving that continually keeps me motivated and inspired. Again, all this is shared with whoever I teach and the effects are never ending.
  4. Celebration & Spirit – All those cozy feelings and sensory stimuli that surround Christmastime ….excitement, anticipation, sparkling lights, shining things, festive songs…I FEEL LIKE THAT BEFORE A HOOP SESSION any day of the year…it is the biggest blessing to participate and share this with everyone! I mean, WHO feels like it’s a holiday each time they go to workout or go out for a walk? Right?!? Well, I sure do! I have a form of exercise at my disposal that absolutely makes me feel like it’s a special day,  no matter WHAT day it is! Also, as anyone who hoops will tell you, songs and shining things (yes, I mean hoops and even ones with sparkling LED  lights) simply ARE part of each and every day for us! Just start spinning or swinging a hoop around and it’s an event to be enjoyed and spent with those we love, just like Christmas!
  5. Childlike Wonder – Bottom line, THIS is The Biggie, so listen up. Hooping has given me that rare feeling again, the one we tend to lose as we get older. It was gone for me and somewhere in my 40’s, I could feel a tug in my heart to find it again. Thank God I discovered hooping. I now see the world in a more “eyes wide open” way. I play more for no other reason than because it feels good to do it. I allow myself to go there. I am amazed as I accomplish new things with my hoop, and that same amazement is what I see in my students ALL THE TIME. For this reason, EVERYDAY, I can wake up excited to see what’s going to happen…what will I find, see or experience? What GIFTS are in store, not just to GET, but what will I GIVE today? Who will I help through hooping? That’s just the nature of hoopdance….ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW…to learn, to see, to do…I get to explore in the vastness of wonder…within myself and outside in the world around me.



Living each day as if it were Christmas is easy for anyone, even without a hoop in hand. I just happen to notice it more acutely because of what I do. Another bonus for me is that I get to “wrap” hoops with colorful tape each day, much like wrappin’ gifts, so that actual PHYSICAL task always has me in a “elf” mode…and don’t EVEN get me started how I make “toys” each day…see what I mean? It’s a real spirit lifter all year, I tell ya, and even the actual “hands on” part never let’s me escape it…but I digress.

I challenge you to think about how you might could add more peace, joy, giving, celebration & wonder to your life. Anyone can…just start with doing your job as good as you can, focusing more on what you can give to others and less on what is in it for you.  Share your strengths and talents with the world, if not in your job, then in your community, by volunteering.  Do things that fill you up on the inside so that you feel a sense of joy.

Next time someone asks me what I do, I can reply “I use a hoop to celebrate the spirit of Christmas all year and I help others do the same.”

How will you celebrate Christmas all year? I’d love to hear! I’d love to have you take a ride on this train with me anytime you are ready, too! ALL ABOARD the HOOPER EXPRESS!

xoxo ~ g

P.S. If you happen to be out looking at holiday lights, like Interlochen, in Arlington this Saturday night, be sure and stop by The HoopShack at our hO-hO-hO hOLiDaY LIGHTS hOOpJam & JOY Drive-Thru! and make a donation. SafeHaven of Tarrant County & Salvation Army Arlington/Mansfield need our support. We’ll be hooping with LED hoops and you are welcome to get out, take a closer look, drink hot chocolate, ask us questions and learn more about what we do. Most importantly, though, just drive thru with a toy and a Red Kettle donation…Merry Christmas! Please share the spirit…let it shine…now and all year! Enjoy this little preview of what we’ll be sharing Saturday night! Hope to see you there…



An Enriching Experience

This past week, I had the privilege of teaching several 4th & 5th graders at Tanglewood Elementary in Fort Worth. It was my first class of six which I will be teaching as part of an After School Enrichment Program, organized by the Tanglewood PTA. After just one session, I am dreaming of the day when I can start to offer something like this at a few schools in the Arlington Independent School District and perhaps even in Mansfield Independent School District.

I have had that goal ever since I opened The HoopShack. Three years later, I still have that goal. Only NOW, I know it’s only a matter of time before I reach it! What I will bring to our local schools in the future, is more experience and fresh ideas than I ever thought I would have access to. The fact that a school in Fort Worth contacted ME about coming to teach speaks volumes about how word has spread in Tarrant County regarding the fun and joy of  aRoundJoy hooping classes. It IS worthy of being included in an Enrichment series and I am up for the challenge!

Kudos to everyone at Tanglewood who help to make this Enrichment program possible. I am impressed beyond words at the professionalism and courtesy of the staff  and volunteers. The girls in class are very polite and so excited.  I can hardly wait to teach them again next week! Together, we are ALL going to learn a lot from this and I feel honored to be sharing the hoop in your community, teaching what I love! Thanks so very much for this opportunity.

Will my next stop be a school a little closer to home, perhaps? I don’t think that will happen…I KNOW IT WILL! It’s taken me three years to get to where I am now…and I’m not going anywhere…except in the direction toward my goals!