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I didn’t always hoop. In fact,  I never even touched a hoop until I was 47 years old. Nevertheless, I have had abundant joy around me. With each passing year, each holiday, each birthday, each anniversary, each event, I reflect with more clarity. There is joy in my life. It’s a simple fact. Joy is there for the taking when we open our eyes.

After 31 years of marriage, I can REALLY see the joy everywhere in my life. Where it was hiding, how I tried to disguise it, when I let it slip away, who I felt it most with, what brought it around me the most and when I decided to let it take over. Joy became the most key element at some point and the rest, as they say, is history.



So, did the hoop have anything to do with this? Considering that I discovered hooping 23 years into my marriage, I can truthfully say “no”…I had lots of joy before I ever picked up a hoop. I think accepting the fact that I WAS around so much joy and being grateful actually allowed me to have my eyes more open to opportunities for more joy. Yes, you read that correctly. Joy led me to the hoop.

At some point after my youngest son graduated from high school, I just felt it was time to to not let the journey of “who I want to be” suddenly end. I knew feelings that were no where near joy. I had already experienced loss and many disappointments. So I decided to begin listening to those little happy feelings more deeply… and I would see what resonated with me most. What did I get a true sense of joy doing? That was how identified with hooping and knew I had to give it more than just a passing try. Sure glad I stuck with it. Did I have to seek outside my comfort zone, my family life and the day-to-day normalcy to embrace the hoop? Absolutely. Sometimes joy has a pull on your heart so strong. I knew this was something that would make me better in the long run, for my health and for my husband. It’s been a real blessing.

As I take a peek back into the past 31 years, however, I can say without question that I wasn’t always seeing the joy in each day. Marriage is always a work in progress. Raising children is THE HARDEST JOB in the world. I remember not being very happy on many days. Somehow, we made it through. Seeing the boys grow into real people, having their own way of doing things, being interesting individuals, THAT was when the bigger joy started happening. We taught them good morals and to care about others. We’ve accepted that it’s those two qualities that are the most important. I’m proud to keep modeling this to my family with my business. Our sons may be grown, but they still look at what we do and can learn by example. Seeing your grown children become successful is such a gift and joy! When you know they had to really struggle with ADHD and autism to get where they are in life, yet now are happy, productive adults, though? That makes the joy even sweeter, let me tell you!



As for my husband and I, being a couple again, having time for each other…THAT brings me the most joy. The hoop helps me move and stay vital, so I can continue to be active in my life. I want to still FEEL younger, have that youthful, playful spirit well into our 40th and 50th years of marriage…and thankfully, hooping will allow that.  How do I know this? Well, I have students who are a walking testimony, hooping in retirement brings them such joy! I’m watching and learning, to be sure!



Waist Hooping from the Ground Up!

My new series of video tutorials will help ANYONE become successful at waist hooping.

Clip – Waist Hooping Part 1

Clip – Waist Hooping Part 2

Clip – Waist Hooping Part 3

Clip – Waist Hooping Part 4

As you notice, I break down this waist hooping stuff VERY meticulously. It all starts with WHAT the HOOP is doing. Get THAT down first.

For MANY, the hoop size is what we have to figure out first. That take knowledge about YOU, everything from size and weight to fitness level and any physical limitation you may have. AGE plays an important role, as well. SOMETIMES, we even have to make the hoop lighter than normal. That’s a special circumstance, and many times, it’s suggested to have 2 different size and weight hoops from the very beginning, for optimal versatility and success.

After a little instruction and practice, waist hooping will begin to feel normal and you will discover just the right amount of effort it takes to get started and comfortably sustain the spinning. It takes muscle memory to begin this just as it does with any activity using the body. This is why I believe in breaking it down this specifically into smaller bits of information, building upon a good foundation and allowing time for your muscles to get accustomed to what you are asking them to do. No rush!

As the hoop falls to the ground, you’ll experience DROPPING THE HOOP, too! IT IS perfectly OK and it’s a necessary part of the process to feel that, pick it back up and try again. So ALLOW it to happen. DON’T try to stop the hoop from touching the ground! Let it go! You are getting exercise every time you have to pick it up! I like to say, “Every drop is a SQUAT!”

There’s a significant number of individuals who think their body might be too large to attempt hooping and this is SO far from the truth! I want to educate everyone on how to be successful waist hooping! As for the HOOP, yes, SIZE MATTERS. As for the individual person, SIZE does not matter at all! Anyone can be successful if they are willing to try and have a positive attitude.

Hooping is a new thing to try for you maybe! SO be gently with yourself!

My best advice is for you to sit and watch EACH video eventually, in it’s entirety, start to finish. They will be available on my website via The HoopShack-To-gO™. Then, start with Part 1 and do what I tell you to do. Work at it. When you have that flat spin down, move to Part 2. Practice getting the body ready. Then focus on Part 3 and really take time with Part 3. No rushing here. Use part 4 as a way to check yourself and troubleshoot.

This series focuses on the most important things that I see new students struggle with. It’s going to help those who have been trying to hoop on the waist but are still not getting it. It explains lots of reasons that could be effecting success. Sometimes this knowledge can really help make things click faster, but you must do the work and practice a few minutes each day, to begin and train your mind & body to get that muscle memory. YOU WILL GET IT, too…everyone does if they keep trying…everyone does get it. Just don’t say you CAN’T. That’s the mistake that will hold anyone back.

I appreciate you taking time to learn more about waist hooping. If you have specific questions, never hesitate to ask here or over on my Facebook page!


Warm Up & Stretch PREVIEW

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Happy Hooping!!

Uptown Funk Hoop Inspiration







It has been a LONG winter! I don’t know about you, but I need some inspiration to GET UP and MOVE!

Last weekend, after one of my private training sessions, I stayed up at The HoopShack and practiced, to get my energy and motivation level back up for the spring and summer. I have added a couple of new videos to YouTube from that practice. During this one, in particular, I share some tips to help inspire you, too. Throughout it,  you’ll see tips and thoughts so you can learn more how to structure your own hoop practice.

This will give you some insight into what’s going on in my mind as I dance with my hoop. On this particular day, I was very tired before I started this hoopdance. I had already been hooping about 30 minutes. My playlist was on random selections…Uptown Funk made me want to keep moving, though. So, from that, I pushed on.



I am noticing that I do not have the same “get up and go” as I did when I was 47…but that’s OK. Point is, I am up and moving. It takes me longer to get motivated, but one of the biggest things that helps is playing some music!

Turn it up. Grab your hoop. Move your feet. Hoop more if you can. If not, there’s so much more to do by just holding the hoop.

No waist hooping required. Remember that.

Are you inspired yet?

Hope so! Let me know how I can help!


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