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I didn’t always hoop. In fact,  I never even touched a hoop until I was 47 years old. Nevertheless, I have had abundant joy around me. With each passing year, each holiday, each birthday, each anniversary, each event, I reflect with more clarity. There is joy in my life. It’s a simple fact. Joy is there for the taking when we open our eyes.

After 32 years of marriage, I can REALLY see the joy everywhere in my life. Where it was hiding, how I tried to disguise it, when I let it slip away, who I felt it most with, what brought it around me the most and when I decided to let it take over. Joy became the most key element at some point and the rest, as they say, is history.



So, did the hoop have anything to do with this? Considering that I discovered hooping 23 years into my marriage, I can truthfully say “no”…I had lots of joy before I ever picked up a hoop. I think accepting the fact that I WAS around so much joy and being grateful actually allowed me to have my eyes more open to opportunities for more joy. Yes, you read that correctly. Joy led me to the hoop.

At some point after my youngest son graduated from high school, I just felt it was time to to not let the journey of “who I want to be” suddenly end. I knew feelings that were no where near joy. I had already experienced loss and many disappointments. So I decided to begin listening to those little happy feelings more deeply… and I would see what resonated with me most. What did I get a true sense of joy doing? That was how identified with hooping and knew I had to give it more than just a passing try. Sure glad I stuck with it. Did I have to seek outside my comfort zone, my family life and the day-to-day normalcy to embrace the hoop? Absolutely. Sometimes joy has a pull on your heart so strong. I knew this was something that would make me better in the long run, for my health and for my husband. It’s been a real blessing.

As I take a peek back into the past 32 years, however, I can say without question that I wasn’t always seeing the joy in each day. Marriage is always a work in progress. Raising children is THE HARDEST JOB in the world. I remember not being very happy on many days. Somehow, we made it through. Seeing the boys grow into real people, having their own way of doing things, being interesting individuals, THAT was when the bigger joy started happening. We taught them good morals and to care about others. We’ve accepted that it’s those two qualities that are the most important. I’m proud to keep modeling this to my family with my business. Our sons may be grown, but they still look at what we do and can learn by example. Seeing your grown children become successful is such a gift and joy! When you know they had to really struggle with ADHD and autism to get where they are in life, yet now are happy, productive adults, though? That makes the joy even sweeter, let me tell you!



As for my husband and I, being a couple again, having time for each other…THAT brings me the most joy. The hoop helps me move and stay vital, so I can continue to be active in my life. I want to still FEEL younger, have that youthful, playful spirit well into our 40th and 50th years of marriage…and thankfully, hooping will allow that.  How do I know this? Well, I have students who are a walking testimony, hooping in retirement brings them such joy! I’m watching and learning, to be sure!



I Taught Ferris Bueller How To Hoop

Can you believe it? I taught Ferris Bueller how to hoop? It’s true!

Yeppers! I dreamed last night that I taught Ferris Bueller to hoop! (ok, ok…don’t be mad at me for the shameless hook! IT DID HAPPEN and it was SO real to me…nope, not even kidding!)

Of course, I have to look for the hidden meaning in this odd, random dream, right? Here’s what I think…


As Ferris says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


I mean, Ferris did! (Well, in my dream, anyway!) He HAS that spirit I love to work with in hoop class! Just like in the movie, we see him  wanting to have fun and not caring what anyone thought. He was willing to take a chance, see where it led him on that particular day. Oh, sure, he got into a real mess, but he learned a lot in the process…most importantly, he gained a lot of insight about himself!

So, look at HOOPING IN THE SAME WAY!  You might get into some difficulty while practicing it, but you keep on going and eventually, it all works out if you stay persistent! The journey and transformation it takes you on is like a wonderful story worthy of a movie!  Yet, at the very basic level, it is just simple, not complicated fun. The attitude it takes to become a hooper goes hand-in-hand with the essence of Ferris!

Take a look at the summary of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off :

“A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school, despite of what the principal thinks of that.”

Now, I ask you, wouldn’t you like a DAY OFF FROM LIFE?

Well then, my friends, you need to get yourself to a training and let me introduce you to the hoop and the wonderful aRoundJoy community.

When I ask you how you found me, just say Ferris sent you! If you already have been to class, but just need a refresher or want to get back “into” your hoop again, REMEMBER my DREAM and TAKE A DAY OFF to just come on!

Find out more on my FAQ’s page. Don’t be scared.

Do you have an inner Ferris? What do you to tap into it? I challenge you to just GO THERE! DO SOMETHING new!

Hoop like Ferris.

Be like Ferris.


I Bring THIS Into My Hoop Practice


You know what inspires me? Any form of dance and creative expression…I bring this into my hoop practice…I think about the bliss, not the steps or the tricks…I let the fun that I feel come out in my hooping…and it is my sincere hope that you will do that, too.

Just sharing a video below that I hope will bring a smile to your face…and JOY to your heart, which I hope will give you a little bit to think about. Move in a way that makes you feel light and happy. It’s important to lighten up…both in your thoughts and physically, lighten your grip on that hoop! Just let it GO a little. Feel free.

I know many of my students express desires to get better with their hooping. I’m here to tell each and every one of you, YOU already ARE better! I have seen SO much growth in the individuals who came to my private sessions over the last year! All you need to do NOW is just ENJOY…and put your heart and soul into it…hoop like you mean it, like nobody’s watching…let’s dance…from the inside…because it makes no difference what’s on the outside. What you feel in your heart, what your intention is, when you REALLY let go…THAT’S what will shine through in your hooping!

Get ready to expand more on all this in upcoming offerings in 2016, both online and at The HoopShack. Specific small-group workshops, an exclusive online study mentorship and even a hoop retreat. With our new guest house almost ready, I truly am opening up my “home” to make clients feel very welcome. We’ll celebrate being with our hoops, playing like we were just kids and enjoying our time together. It’s truly a time to DANCE…

Hooping in the Winter

aRoundJoy SNOW

Hooping in the winter is hard, some people say. I get it.

It’s getting windy and cold outside. On days like that, I “just dance” with my imaginary hoop…yes, I “air hoop”  inside my home…without my hoop…but I PRETEND that I have it! Doesn’t require much space and it REALLY helps me practice…plus, I am up on my feet…moving…STILL in my hoop-mindfulness.

Part of learning to hoop is being able to “do” the moves without a hoop. This helps the brain build connections with the muscles. It’s all about breaking down things. Some moves are on the body, on the torso. Some moves are off the body, as we hold the hoop in our hands. All moves can be learned and we do that by building upon previous moves learned. We visualize and take the hoop out of the equation when we are learning. It also helps to NOT use the hoop when we practice. Winter is a GREAT time to get lots of THAT kind of practice done!

Yes, ask anyone who hoops. Sometimes, the best thing we can do in our hoop practice is not use a hoop at all…just visualize and move. So, if you are sitting on the fence about hooping, stand up and just DO IT. You don’t need a hoop. It’s simple to start, and we begin with warm-up and stretches. Try this:

Pretend you are holding a hoop with both hands, and you are standing in the middle of it. Now, raise your arms and bring the hoop up above your head, really reaching for the sky. Breathe in deeply as you lift those arms! Slowly come back down with those arms, bringing the hoop down, back to where you started.  Breathe out as you lower the hoop. Repeat, doing these two moves a few times, taking it slow and focusing on breath, as you press your palms slightly on the inside of the hoop when you are lifting those arms. This helps to keep the hoop level and flat, while going up and coming back down. You’re getting in some oxygen, starting to elevate your heart rate and getting the blood flowing, warming up the arms, while also starting to center and clear your mind.

That is just the first thing we do with a hoop…Breathing Up, Breathing Down…an important move to help prepare our body for hooping, but it’s something ANYONE can do. This kind of hooping I refer to as HoopRelax™ , and it’s essential to having a sold hoop practice that allows you to improve your skills while not over-stressing.

So, do  you want to hoop with me?

Well, you just started to.

It’s simple to get more of my training today, right now, at home! I have 4 free videos that you can get in your email inbox this week!  They will help you learn and practice what it takes to waist hoop successfully, even if you don’t have a hoop yet. It’s just a sample of aRoundJoy Basics, my exclusive online hoop training course inside HoopShack-to-gO! It includes many more videos and tools that can get you in great shape while having fun. Just fill the form out below!

Do this kind of daily study with me from the comfort of your own home and by spring, you will be a ROCKSTAR with your hoop! If you need a hoop, you know I can help you with that, too. I just wanted to remind you that you don’t need a hoop to get started with training. Getting your body moving JUST LIKE you are hooping is really the first step and can be practiced without a hoop!

But do I really go outside to hoop when it’s cold? Awwww, sure…I’ve in been known to have some fun even in the snow to reduce cabin fever, more than “once in my life!”



I sure hope you’ll continue hooping with me in 2016. I’m ready for YOU!

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

She Was So Surprised

REALLY! She was SO surprised!

OK, I know your wondering…Who? What? When? Where? Why?

OK, here’s the deal…she’s a new client. Just a few days ago. Her name is Debbie and she has something to say that you might want to listen to…she happily expressed her feelings after her first hoop training and it sums up things so wonderfully that  I just had to share…



Believe me, she is not alone in her feelings. This is not the first time I’ve heard such a testimonial. What IS hitting me for the first time, however, is how well prepared clients are coming to me after ONLY watching my training videos. It’s a trend I am seeing in each new client the last several months. I’m noticing they are more in touch with their body and my instructions simply from paying attention to how I explain everything virtually.

This gives me such validation as an instructor, to know that my videos actually do what they were designed to do! I know I can help anyone, now. I feel it deeply. They can learn from me without even being at my studio in person. It really has made an impact on me and I’m excited about the future possibilities in how I can teach and reach others.

The reason I share this now is because we’re at the start of a new year. Time to decide if you’re going to sit on the sidelines or get in the game. I’m making it a point to be more inspirational and motivational in 2016, offering you more ways to hoop with me. In fact, you don’t need to wait, because my online training is always available. YOU DON’T NEED A HOOP to even get started. Many clients get their hoop later. You don’t need to even have a lesson with me in person to benefit, as I mentioned.

My online hoop training stands alone as the perfect tool, an organized resource, to help you succeed in your goals to improve your health and wellness by hooping. You just have to get up off the couch, practice the body awareness techniques I show you and get familiar with some simple stretching. That is a HUGE start towards success in making the change to get more active. So much of hooping is less about the actual HOOP and more about you understanding how to open up your own body and listening to it…learning how to move it in a gentle way, too, without having to lay on the ground. As long as you can sit up in a chair,  or stand up, of course, you can benefit from simple stretching. You can do all this at home before touching a hoop and I show you how.

That’s what Debbie did BEFORE she ever came to The HoopShack. She signed up online for aRoundJoy Basics, ordered a hoop and booked a private session with me, but waited a couple of weeks to come to the studio. She then watched a few of my online training videos to get prepared prior to her lesson. As you heard in the video, she was surprised at how much my instruction helped her both before and during the lesson. She didn’t even have a hoop in her hands at home initially, but she was reviewing what to do. She picked up her hoop for the first time at that first lesson, feeling ready and confident to begin trying out her hoop for real.

That’s powerful. I go over all this and more inside HoopShack-to-gO, my virtual training studio, and anyone, anywhere can benefit. Besides videos, there’s lots of tip sheets you can print out for your own study guide. It’s step-by-step, comprehensive and organized…plus, the bonuses I throw in are challenging, updated periodically and your access will never expire. You might be miles away from me, but you’ll have access to my training 24/7 and I’ll be able to help you anytime, making it easy to fit into your schedule. Watch a little, then go practice. Repeat. It’s just that simple. Soon, you’ve developed a habit and before you know it, 3-4 of weeks later, you’re hooping longer each day, your body feels stronger, you are more relaxed, you have less aches and pains and your pants fit a little loose!

I know many out there reading this today ARE hooping and enjoying the benefits. If that’s YOU, I’d love to hear from you. How has hooping helped with your wellness goals? What feelings come to mind when you think about hooping?

Looking forward to helping many more of you! It’s my passion and I’m honored to be here for you.